Documents Required To Obtain Visa For Latvia


Any individual traveling to the Republic of Latvia needs to procure a visa permit to enter the country. There is a list of documents, which an applicant needs to furnish while applying for a short stay visa to enter Latvia.

Passport holders of India, Maldives, Myanmar and Nepal are eligible to apply for the short term Schengen Visa at the Embassy of Latvia from.
Every Individual has to apply separately.

>> Transit Visa:
* Completed and duly signed application form
* One Passport size photograph
* Passport having a minimum validity of 3 months after return from Latvia and 2 blank pages for the visa stamp.
* Valid visa for the final destination
* Travel health and accident insurance. (Should be acceptable in Schengen states)
* Resident Permit


>> Tourist Visa, Visit of Family and friends:
* Confirmed invitation by the department of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Latvia.
* Completed and duly signed an application form.
* One Passport size photograph.
* Passport having a minimum validity of 3 months after return from Latvia and 2. blank pages for the visa stamp.
* Travel health and accident insurance for the entire period of your visit in Latvia.
* Reservations should be done for a stay in Latvia.
* Bank Statements of last three months.
* Parents/Guardians consent letter confirmed by a notary in a case of a child under 18 years of age.
* Resident Permit

>> Business Visa:
* An official letter of invitation form applicant’s organization. The invite should be on the original letterhead of the organization.
* All documents same as the tourist visa.

P.S.: The Consulate of Latvia has a right to ask for additional documents
Also, the students of United States of America do not require a tourist visa for a stay up till 90 days.

The applicant needs to pay 60.00 Euros for a maximum stay of 3 months whereas for a stay over 3 months the applicant needs to pay 85.75 Euros. The Visa fees are to be paid in Euros.

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