Hong Kong Quality Migration Admission Scheme

Hong Kong
Time: 6-9 months
Fees: Visa Fees – HK$ 190 / Person (To be paid upon successful visa Interview in Hong Kong). Assessment Fee - - USD 374

Objective of the Scheme

This scheme is entrant scheme based on quota. It looks to lure high-skilled or talented individuals to settle down in Hong Kong for improving the financial competitiveness of Hong Kong.

Triumphant applicants are not needed to get an offer of the local job prior their entry to Hong Kong for permanent settlement. All the individuals are needed to fulfill a set of requirements prior they could be given points under any one of the two tests based on points known as Achievement Based Points Test and General Points Test and contend for allocation of quota with other individuals.

Triumphant applicants under this scheme might bring their spouse and unmarried dependent kid below the age of 18 to Hong Kong if they are capable of supporting and accommodating them on their own monetary resources without depending on assistance from the public in Hong Kong.

Selection Mechanism under this Scheme

Stage 1: Eligibility Criteria

All the candidates under this scheme should fulfill a set of eligibility requirement  prior they could be given points under one of the two points related tests under this scheme.

Stage 2: Points based Testing

Candidates who have met entire requirements might get selected to be assessed under any one of the two tests. There are five factors of points scoring under General Points Testing and  factor of one point scoring  under Achievement Based Points Testing.

Stage 3: Process of Selection

The selection process is being done for  quota allocation for the applicants. During each selection process, applicants who had met both the eligibility requirement and minimum passing marks will be ranked as per scores that are being rewarded. Applicants with high scores will get shortlisted for further assessment.

Stage 4: Approval

Applicants who have been allotted a quota in the selection process will be issued an approval letter. Applicants then require visiting Hong Kong for attending an interview with their entire original documents while they apply for the purpose of verification.

Stage 5: Issuing visa or entry permit

If the original documents have been verified and all the application procedures are finalized then the applicants will be issued with visa or entry permit under this scheme for staying in Hong Kong.

Eligibility Requirement

All the candidates should satisfy following eligibility requirement:Eligibility


The candidate age should be 18 or more when applying under this scheme.

Monetary requirement

The candidate should be able to show that they are capable of helping and accommodating themselves and their dependents on their own financial resources without depending on assistance from public during their stay in Hong Kong.

Proficiency in Language

The candidate must be proficient in spoken and written English or Chinese language.

Good Character

The candidate must not have any criminal record or adverse record of immigration in Hong Kong or anywhere else.

Basic academic qualification

The candidate should possess good academic background, usually an initial degree from an accredited university or tertiary learning institution. In special cases, better technical qualification,  proven professional abilities and experience and achievements supported by evidence of documents.

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