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This is a guide for passive investors who wish to enter the UK

Entrepreneurs that wish to enter the UK and start up their own business should for the link UK Entrepreneur’s immigration Page.

Investors who wish to send a representative to start up and run their business in the UK should follow the link UK Entrepreneur’s immigration Page.

UK’s Qualification for foreign investors:

Just like many other countries of the world, the UK will gladly embrace any wealthy investor. So it’s relatively easier for investors with the required funds to enter the UK and do business. The following are the requirements:

  1. The investor must have a minimum of £1 million to invest in the country. £750,000 of this amount must be invested in
  • Private Companies and
  • Unit trusts

And not

  • Offshore companies
  • Property investment firms
  • Building society accounts or Banks
  1. The investor may use the remaining £250,000 as he/she chooses.
  2. The investor has to spend a minimum of 50% of his/her time in the UK, and must us the country as his/her main
  3. The investor must be engaged full-time in managing and running his/her own business

The Investor’s Family:

Investors that wish to enter the UK with their family may request to the relevant authority.


The investor’s children are free to enter the country as their dependents and are also entitled to enjoy free education like other British child or school in a private school.


The investor and family are eligible for the free healthcare that is offered by the National Health Service and are free to take out private health insurance if they choose to.

Requirements for Naturalization:

Depending on the investor’s displayed assets and indicated plans, the first visa usually last for a year. Within this period it is not mandatory is to make an investment in order to get the visa.

In the third month of arrival, the investor must transfer the investment funds to the UK.

After the end of the one year, the investor may choose to file an application for the extension of your visa validity period. If granted, it is usually extended for 3 additional years. For this application to be successful:

  1. The investor must transfer the required investment funds to the UK within his/her first 3 months of entering the country.
  2. The sum of the investment should still be over £1 million.
  3. If there is any reduction in the worth of the investment, it should only be due to fluctuations in the share price.

In a case where the worth of the investment reduces within the first 3 months of the investor’s arrival, the extension of the visa will be thorough, sometimes the application is denied.

If the investor spends a total of 4 years in the country, he/she can now file an application for indefinite leave to stay as a Permanent Residence after a total period of 4 years. After obtaining the indefinite leave, one can further apply for a British naturalization after an additional one year. Click here for more information

Applying for the UK visa

Application for this visa can only be done from outside the UK.

It is required of the investor to present documentary proof that he/she has enough funds for establishing the proposed business and a well-detailed description of the investment.


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