Australian Remaining Relative Visa – Subclass 115


The Remaining Relative visa (Subclass 115) is a part of the family stream migration program which lets a foreign-born to migrate to Australia to meet/join his/her family. The relative visa is a permanent residence visa that allows a remaining relative whose only ‘near relatives’ are residing in the country.

Who is a near relative?
The term ‘near relative’ refers to the prospect’s parents or their partner’s parent (both biological and step-parents), siblings (both biological and step). The near relative is generally above 18 years of age.
In order to migrate to Australia on this visa; (a) your application should be supported by an eligible near relative who is over 18 years of age; (b) the near relative should be a resident of Australia either as a citizen, permanent resident or should be eligible to apply for citizenship of New Zealand; (c) he/she should agree to sponsor you, provide you accommodation and financial assistance for initial 2 years of your stay in Australia.

Other requirements:
Apart from the requirements set to be met by the near relative, the prospect also needs to ensure that
(1) They have a letter of commitment that states that an individual or an organization has agreed to provide you ‘Assurance of Support’.
The ‘Assurance of Support’ is a legal document that states that you will be provided with the financial support by the person/company issuing you the statement; so that you don’t rely on the social security payments during your stay in Australia.
(2) Up to three people can provide you with an assurance of support.
(3) The assurance provider has to submit a bond amount with the Department. The bond amount submitted is refundable after completion of two years after your arrival in the country. Also, the department will deduct any social security payments you have received during these two years.
(4) You need to submit certain health and character certificates.

You are not eligible if..?
• The supporting ‘near relatives’ is residing mostly outside Australia or is living in Australia on the temporary basis.
• Your supporting ‘near relative’ has sponsored someone else also earlier for a Preferential Family visa, Remaining Relative visa or other Family visas.

What am I entitled to?
On this visa, the prospect can remain in Australia permanently with their relatives. While in the country on this visa you and your family members are eligible to:
• Travel to and from Australia for 5 years from the date of issuance of the visa. On completion of the 5 years you have to apply for a resident return visa or any another visa to return back to the country;
• Live, work and settle in Australia;Australia Relative Visa
• Get benefitted from Australia’s system for health care;
• Can apply for citizenship of Australia on meeting the eligibility criteria.

Onshore applications
If the applicant is already residing in Australia then he/she is eligible for the Remaining Relative visa but under Subclass 835. This category has similar requirements as of Subclass 115 visa.

How much do I need to pay?
You need to make payments in two installments. The amount to be paid in the first installment is $1995 whereas the second installment charge is $1735.

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