Canada Work Permit For Spouse Or Common Law Partner


If you have studied as the full-time student at:

  • At any of the post-secondary educational institute in Quebec’s college or University.
  • If you have studied at any private post-secondary educational institute with the same regulations as that of the publicly funded institution.
  • In an institution that offers Canadian degree authorized by any province.
  • The applicant must have valid study permit.


The duration of the work permit for the spouse will be same for both the applicant and spouse.

Note: The people who enter Canada through this permit are eligible for open work permit. They are not subject to any labor market impact assessment.

How to apply for the work permit:

The three stages of application process include:

Application package:

The application package contains the valuable information relating to the application procedure and filling the forms.

Carefully go through the guide and remember the application fee is not refundable. Ensure before applying that you are eligible for the visa.

The application forms contain the clear instructions and please provide the requisite documents and provide no misleading information. Go through the detailed list of the documents.

Please make a note any unfilled application will not be processed.

The application fee has to be paid in the Canadian currency only. The fee has to be paid online, you should have valid credit card to apply for the visa.

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