Obtaining Citizenship By Birth

Spouse and Dependent

Israel being a liberal democratic nation is not an immigration country; henceforth, Israel does not have laws and regulations that permit foreign-born to come and reside in the country.Israel being the only Jewish majority country, is the most sought out destination where Jews want to settle as citizens. Getting citizenship of Israel is considered to be one of the most difficult processes.
The three laws significant for visiting and settling in Israel for various reasons are:
>> Law of Entry to Israel -1952
>> Law of Return -1950
>> Citizenship Law -1952

The citizenship of Israel can be obtained through various measures including affiliation, naturalization and under the Law of Return.

Obtaining Citizenship by Birth

If you are born to an Israeli parent in Israel1) If you are born to an Israeli parent in Israel: The easiest and the simplest way to obtain a citizenship of Israel is by being born in Israel.
* You get the citizenship of Israel automatically if one of your parents is a citizen of Israel at the time of your birth.
* You need to provide a lawful document to prove that you were born in Israel.

2) If one or both of your parents are Israeli: If one or both of your parents at the time of yourif-one-or-both-of-your-parents-are-israeli birth were citizens of Israel then you are eligible to obtain a citizen of Israel. Parents could have acquired their citizenship either by naturalization, birth, residence or by the law of Return.
* You need to submit any document to prove the Jewish heritage of your parents at the consulate of Israel. The supporting document can be anything from a birth certificate to passport to ID cards to a marriage license, etc.
if-you-are-born-in-israel-with-no-other-nationality3) If you are born in Israel with no other nationality: Incase you were born in Israel and have not been granted citizenship by any other country officially then you can apply to obtain the citizenship of Israel.
* You need to submit an application for citizenship at the consulate between 18 to 25 years of age.
* You should be residing in the country since last five years from the date of submission of the application.
* You need to submit a legal affidavit/document explaining your status of nationality along with other identifying documents.

Obtaining Citizenship using Law of Return:

if-you-are-a-jew1) If you are a Jew: The government of Israel implemented the Law of Return in 1950 to lure Jews to come back to Israel. The main initiative was to permit Jews of both ethnic and religious sects to return back to Israel and accept it as their homeland and get its citizenship. This Law of return was initiated to create a safety route for Jews who got misplaced by the Holocaust.
The Jew who returns back is called Oleh.
if-you-are-a-jew-by-birth-of-by-conversion2) If you are a Jew by birth of by conversion: Any person born as a Jew (his/her mom is a Jew) or has converted to Judaism is welcomed by Israel by open arms. All you have to do is to go and apply for the citizenship. You are eligible to get nationality if you have converted to Judaism and do not follow any other religion. To support the statement of your conversion to Judaism you need to submit a letter from the Orthodox rabbi and it should be submitted to the rabbinical court.
3) If you are a not a threat to Israel: The government of Israel can decline citizenship to those whom it considers being a threat to its population under the Law of Return.if-you-are-a-not-a-threat-to-israel

This simply means that in case you desire to obtain the citizenship of Israel then refrain yourself from getting involved with the extremist groups. Apart from not having a criminal record, you need to ensure that you are not infected with a contagious disease.


Obtaining Citizenship as a Spouse or Descendent:

go-and-settle-in-israel1) Go and Settle in Israel: You are eligible to be granted a citizenship if your spouse is a Jew or you are descendent of a citizen of Israel. You need to settle in Israel to prove that you need citizenship for a genuine reason and not for obtaining the passport of Israel. There is no time specified as in for how long you need to stay in Israel, you just need to submit a proof to show that you are staying in Israel permanently. The document to support your stay in Israel can be a work or housing contract, utility bills, etc. in your name.

prove-your-descent2) Prove your descent: You need to visit the consulate of Israel or the office of the Ministry of Interior along with your birth certificate or marriage certificate to prove your descent. After showing the certificate you will be provided with the correct application form that you need to fill completely and submit along with the desired documents.

Obtaining Citizenship by Naturalization:


1) Reside in Israel for 3 years out of 5: To become eligible to apply for citizenship of Israel by naturalization, you need to reside in the country for at least 3 years out of the 5 years immediately after submitting your application. This indicates that those applying for citizenship genuinely wish to stay in Israel as part of the Jew community.


2) Be entitled as a permanent resident: You need to prove to the Israel government that you wish to settle in Israel permanently. This implies that you wish to reside and work in Israel. Also, you will be part of the Jew community. You will learn how to speak Hebrew as well.

surrender-nationalities-of-other-nations3) Surrender nationalities of other nations: To attain the nationality of Israel you must surrender all other nationalities. You do not have to give up the other citizenships but instead you to give a declaration that you agree to follow the Israeli law of naturalization.

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