Family – Dependent Visa In Kuwait

Spouse and Dependent
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Family – Dependent Visa in Kuwait

According to latest law, retirement age for both Kuwaitis and expatriates working in public sector is 65, while the retirement age is 60 years for those working in private sector.


A Spouse Visa, Family Visa, Child Visa, or Dependent Visa, are categories of Dependent Visa, wherein people from overseas can join visa holder (sponsor) in Kuwait, as their partners or family members. Any employee in Kuwait, who has obtained a residency, can sponsor his spouse, children or elderly dependent relatives to live with him/her in Kuwait. However, the permission to sponsor spouse and children is granted only to those who meet the minimum salary criteria.

The Ministry of Interior has lowered the minimum monthly salary requirement for expatriates in both government and private sectors to KD250. Expatriates of all nationalities are allowed to sponsor their wives and children, if they are earning a minimum of KD250 a month.

A working wife cannot sponsor her husband as a dependent. Also, sons over the age of 21 years cannot be sponsored as dependants, though adult daughters and parents may be permitted.

Dependent family members are not allowed to work on a Dependent Visa, unless they transfer it into a work visa under Kuwaiti sponsorship. This can be done only after 6 to 12 months of holding a dependent visa.

There are also specific limitations on the dependents, based on the visa held by the sponsor, such as age of the dependents, length of the relationship they share with the principal applicant settled overseas.

The Spouse Visa, Dependent Visa, Family Visa, Child Visa holder is permitted to stay overseas as long as the sponsor holds a valid visa. However, the dependent visa holders cannot sponsor visa for others.

Expatriates in Kuwait, who are on a visit visa, can also transfer to dependent visa, if required, without having to leave the country and return.

Requirements for sponsoring a dependent

  • Proof that the person applying is related to and financially dependent on the sponsor
  • Proof that the sponsor can financially support and accommodate himself and his/her dependents without having recourse to public funds.

To obtain an entry visa for a dependent

To obtain an entry visa for a dependent, visit the passport office in Shuwaikh, and fill in the application form which should be typed in both Arabic and English. The following supporting documents are required to be submitted along with the form:

  • The dependent can be spouse / children / sibling/ parents / in-laws
  • Sponsor’s salary certificate
  • Copy of the sponsor’s civil ID
  • Copy of dependent’s passport
  • Authentic marriage certificate, or child’s birth certificate, authenticated by the sponsor’s embassy and certified by the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs.t

Procedure on entering Kuwait on dependent visa

After entering Kuwait, the formalities for a dependent’s visa are same as that for a work visa. The dependent may have to undergo medically testing and may be fingerprinted. The photographs and documents mentioned above need to be submitted, along with sponsor’s declaration, which is an undertaking by the family supporter that he will maintain the dependent. The residence fee and original insurance receipt may have to be submitted.

Dependent Visa Charges

For expatriate sponsors working in the private sector, the first year dependent residence fee for wife and first two children are KD100 and KD200 for subsequent children.

For public sector employees, the first year fee for a wife and first two children are KD10 per person and KD100 for subsequent children.

Renewal of fee in all cases is KD10 a year per person. However, the fee for a dependent parent is KD200 a year.

Benefits of a Dependent Visa

Benefits of a Spouse Visa / Dependent Visa / Family Visa / Child Visa holder will vary from one country to another. However, work rights, access to healthcare, pension benefits, education for children are among the popular benefits, but they vary from country to country.

Renewal of a Dependent Visa

If the sponsor has already renewed his residence visa, and the dependent visa of his family is nearing expiry, and if he has not hired a ‘mandoub’ or an agency to obtain a dependent visa or health card, the following steps can be followed to renew dependent visa. Renewal of dependent visa can be done three months before expiry of residence.

  • Renew their Health Card Insurance – The health cards of the dependents will have to be renewed first before renewing their dependent visa.
  • Prepare application for renewal of dependent visa – The form is typed in Arabic, which is available in most translation centres.
  • Visit the Immigration and Passport Department of the Ministry of Interior with documents such as health insurance paper, copy of dependent’s passport and copy of sponsor’s civil ID.
  • Get the papers signed and stamped by the person incharge, paying the requisite fee.
  • Submit all the documents, and get new residency affixed on the passport, reflecting the extended date.
  • Thereafter, the sponsor can move on to the next task of renewing the Civil IDs of the dependents.

Cancellation of Dependent Visa

To cancel dependent visa, the sponsor should submit original passport and civil ID. However, if the dependent resides outside Kuwait for more than six months, the dependent visa will automatically stand cancelled.


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