Singapore’s Dependant’s Pass Scheme For Family Members


Singapore’s Dependant Pass (DP) is a relocation visa issued to the mates and unmarried kids (under 21 years of age) of foreign workers having a work permit of the type that is an Employment Pass or Entrepreneur Pass. A different DP application must be petitioned for each qualified relative.

A DP holder’s status in Singapore is linked up with the main work pass holder. The DP holder is permitted to stay legally in Singapore as long as the work pass holder is authorized to work in the country. The DP holder can move freely across the country and is also eligible to enter & exit the country several times without applying for visa every time.

Who is eligible?

Mate and unmarried kids under the age of 21 years (including the adopted ones) of work pass holders (Employment Pass, EntrePass, PEP, or S pass holders earning at-least SGD five thousand per month) are qualified to apply for a DP. In case the Employment Pass holder’s baby is born in Singapore, the parent needs to inform the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) with the letter issued by the nursing home, to obtain a short term visit pass for the infant. This pass has a validity of 42 days, during which the parents can submit an application for the DP.

The Fiancé of the Employment Pass holder is not eligible to apply for a DP instead he/she can apply for a Long-Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) subject to specific circumstances.

What documents are needed?

Below mentioned documents have to be enclosed with the application form:

  • Copy of the first and last page of the passport.
  • Copy of the marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • Copy of birth certificate in case of the applicant is underage.
  • Copy of adoption certificate in case of adopted child.
  • Latest passport size photograph.
  • Documents supporting educational qualification
  • Salary details of the last job taken. Most recent one.
  • For kids below 16 years of age, the parents need to sign the application form.
  • All the documents have to be in English language.


Course of action and time-frame

Completed DP visa application form along with the required documents needs to be submitted with the Employment Pass.  Much the same as the EP application, the DP application should also be supported by the employer of the EP holder.  Separate DP visa applications have to be submitted for each family member.  If all the documents are in place then it does not take much time to get visa approved.

Once the dependent visa has been sanctioned, an In-Principle-Approval (IPA) letter will be issued. The DP candidate has to be available in Singapore to personally collect the pass. The documents required to be carried along with to collect the Dependent Pass are:

  • In-Principle-Approval letter.
  • Passport sized photograph.
  • Passport with minimum two blank pages.
  • Other documents as mentioned in the IPA letter.


What to do for renewal?

MOM has to send the renewal form of the Dependant’s Pass to the employer, along with the employment pass.

Qualified to work in Singapore?

You can work in Singapore if the work pass holder has S pass. Also the prospective employer has to apply for a Letter of Consent that requires approval from the designated government authorities.  The prospective employer has to submit the completed Letter of Consent to the authorities. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to get a revert from the authorities. The Letter of Consent LOC is valid till the time Dependent pass if valid.

Qualified to study in Singapore?

A child on a Dependant’s Pass in Singapore is eligible to get enrolled in either local or K-12 global schools.  Students on DP do not have to apply for student visa, whereas the DP holders have to get a student visa to continue their higher education.

How to get Permanent Residence?

DP holders are permitted as per the government of Singapore to submit their application for permanent residence. Your application for the permanent residence will be approved if the Employment Pass holder has his/her PR application approved.

Singapore’s Dependent Pass family visa is an innovative measure that permits the eligible relatives of an Employment Pass holder to reside in Singapore. The Dependant on this visa can work and study in Singapore and can also later upgrade to Permanent Residence.

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