Us F-2 Visa For Child And Spouse


The legal partner and unmarried kids below 21 years of age of F-1 student are qualified for the status of  F-2  and might reside in  the US as long as the primary student stays in the lawful status of F-1.

How to apply for US F-2 Visa

Your legal partner and minor kids could apply for F2 visas, and either accompany or follow for joining you in the US.

To apply for the US F2 visa, you require to contact your school office for foreign students and ask them a fresh I-20 for your dependent. You would be questioned for providing a document for showing the relationship like a certificate of marriage, notarized certificate, birth certificate etc. You would also require demonstrating proof of monetary resources enough for supporting your family residing in the US. This might include payslips, banks statements, support affidavits. and saving in your home nation.

After getting a fresh I-20, the application procedure for F2 becomes very same to apply for F1 student visa. Your dependents require making an appointment for a visa at an embassy or consulate of the US and bringing all the documents stated above, in addition to extra data for supporting their call for a visa.

A child below 14 years of age does not require to be present at an interview for F2 visa until specifically need by an officer from the consulate.

Could F2 dependents set out for school in the US?

A civil partner on the status of F2 visa might not admit in full study course or take up a degree program.  A spouse on F2 visa might take classed that are recreational or vocational like part time education.

To study full-time course at the level of post-secondary, the legal partner should modify her status of F2 to F1 and might not attend the class unless the request for status modification is approved by USCIS.

A kid in the status of F2 is permitted to attend schools as full-time student. They might not admit in full study course at university or college, except for taking recreational classes. Children on F2 are entitled to apply for M1 or F1 to attend the college.

A child when he/she gets 21 years of age, would lose their status and should modify to another nonimmigrant status for residing in the US.

Could dependents of F2 visa holder work in the US?

No, dependents of F2 visa holders cannot work,  on or off campus   under any situation. If an F2 child or spouse modifies the status to F1, they become entitled to such job gains. Dependents of F2 visa holder might accept on- paid volunteer occupations if certain occupations have been filled with volunteers previously.

Could dependents on F2 apply for Social Security Number (SSN)?

No, dependents of F2 visa holders are not permitted to do the job and they are not entitled to SSN.

Could dependents of F2 visa holder travel other countries?

Yes, dependent of F2 visa holder might exit or revisit the US with fresh or unexpired visa and I-20 forms which are properly signed.

Could dependents of F2 visa holders reside in the US while F1 student travels?

Yes as long as the F1 students stay in the legal status, is absent from the US for some time, and intends to get back using the similar SEVIS ID.

Could dependents of F2 visa holder visit the US prior to the student on F1 visa?

No, if it is initial time an applicant is visiting the US with F1 visa, the dependents of F2 visa holders might come along or after the student on F1 visa, but not prior to.

What situation prevails if a student on F1 visa modifies or loses the status?

The status of F2 visa of your legal partner or children is dependent on your visa status of F1 visa. if you lost your status of your visa, then your family would lose their status also. if you modify the status,  your family should  also modify their status. The modifications in the status do not happen automatically.  So you should take care for preventing your kids and spouse from losing out their status.

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