How Can Foreign Students Obtain A Pr In Canada? All You Need To Know


Canadian Immigration has many options for foreign students who are studying under Canadian Programs for at least 2 years. Students who have a prior experience in Canada are more likely to get job opportunities from Canadian employers. Due to the excellent quality of Canadian schools, the country is getting more eager to hold on to the graduates from Canadian educational institutions.

In Canada, ‘Dual Intent’ exists for students who are seeking residency within the country. Dual Intent means that the individual can apply for Temporary (work and study) Residency and Permanent Residency in Canada. This makes Canada a better place for students.

Canada offers three major programs for graduates. These programs are mentioned below:

  1. Canadian Experience Class:

Foreign students who have completed their course from an accredited Canadian post-secondary school, on a full-time basis along with the educational credentials for at least two years, can qualify under Canadian Experience Class. In addition to that, the student must have worked at least for a year in a skilled position (full-time). The work experience must be gained after graduation. Unpaid internships and co-op placements do not get considered under work experience.

  1. Quebec Experience Class:

Immigrant students who studied in Quebec and completed a CEGEP (Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel), Vocational, Bachelor’s or Master’s/Ph.D. level degree, along with an intermediate proficiency in French, qualify under this program without any experience in work.

  1. Provincial Nomination Programs:

Foreign students who graduate from Canadian post-secondary programs in Canadian Provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia, are eligible to apply for PR in Canada. Some of the study programs in these provinces require a job offer or work experience where the degree was obtained, whereas some provinces don’t. The advantage of such programs is that candidate can obtain Canada permanent residency faster than any other programs.

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