Step By Step Approach To Apply For Canada Student Visa


Step by step approach to applying for Canada Student Visa and processing

1)    Initially, you need counseling

Attending a counseling session would make you aware of the study programs in Canada. This knowledge sharing sessions will help you understand the procedures that apply for the student visa programs.

2)    Register with the renowned consultancy 

To begin the process of application for various Universities, you need to register with the reputed consultancy, who can guide you throughout the visa application procedures. It further makes your overseas studies easier and simpler.

3)    Admission to the study programs

Once after your decision made on where to study, the consultancy will help you lodge an application to the institution preferred by the student. The Candidates must produce previous educational qualification documents and English ability.  While applying for the student visa, the consulting firm will provide you the checklist of documents that has to be sent for visa processing.

The visa consulting firm will maintain the track record of your application, and they update you the status of your visa regularly.

4)    Mandatory Medical Examination

The candidates after submitting a request for admission must undergo a medical examination at the doctor suggested by the Canada Immigration. The medical receipt has to be sent along with the visa application. The medical report will be forwarded to the respective Visa office.

5)    Adequate funds

The aspirants must show evidence of sufficient funds to support their education and to live in Canada. The Candidates must purchase a special investment certificate of 10 000 Canadian dollars from Canadian financial organization.

The other alternative is student must submit a copy of tuition fees paid for the first year and a loan from Indian Chartered Bank worth $10 000 CAD.

6)    Payment of the tuition fees

To confirm your education program at the Canadian University, the student has to pay the fee as advised by the institution. The consulting firm will help you with the payment mode. Your admission receipt has to be sent for visa application.

7)    Visa application

Lodging visa application requires a comprehensive checklist of the documents. The consulting firm will help while filing an application. The consultancy will update you the status of your visa processing.

8)    Visa Outcome

As soon as the consulting firm receives the status of the visa, you will be informed to come and collect the visa. You can plan your travel impeccably without any hesitation.

 9)    Travel Arrangements

Consultants also help you with the hassle-free travel arrangements. They can guide you where to land and what services to opt for your movement to Canada. Consulting firms offer you the services of obtaining the required foreign exchange, Insurance and air ticket for your safe travel to your dream destination for pursuing higher education.

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