Denmark Student Visa and Resident Permit- All You Need to Know

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A monarch country with one of the world’s best quality of life invites you to come and study and live there! As compared to other countries on a scale of economy, human development, peace, and stability Denmark is far-far better than any other country.

An international student may still ponder on studying in Denmark. Well, in Denmark every student gets a chance to explore world-class teaching experience in several fields such as engineering, social sciences, IT and life sciences. Denmark is a place where you get to study in welcoming, creative and secure surroundings.

To experience this one will require a study visa and a residence permit to register as a student in Denmark. Following is the list of documents which are to be submitted:

1. Original passport valid at least for six months stays in Denmark. With two blank pages in the passport and color photocopy of every page of the passport. Passport issued should be within previous 10 years.

2. Danish Visa application Form:

• ST1 Student Visa Application Form:

In the form Part 2 should be complete and must be signed in section 15 by the Denmark organization where you have applied to study. An attachment of documents from the institution should be included and sent to the candidate who is to submit it along with his/ her application.

Part 1 of the application must be filled and signed by the candidate. All the documents must be attached with the application and should be submitted accordingly.

3. Recent passport size color photograph (2×2) with white background must be submitted.

4. Official invitation letter from Denmark showing the acceptance of the applicant must be attached.

5. If the applicant is below 18 years of age he or she must include a Notarized declaration Signed by parents which prove that the applicant’s stay in Denmark is accepted by them. If the applicant is not going to stay in the boarding school, parents must give the details of the stay address in Denmark.

6. No financial requirements are to be submitted if the applicant is attending Danish Folk High School or Study at a higher educational program. The applicant study in Danish educational program by all paid tuition fees or scholarship by Danish State. If studying for higher education then bank statements showing sufficient funds is required.

7. If the study of the applicant is not completed at the secondary level then the stay of the applicant is not arranged by the state of Denmark. Documents from applicant’s home country must be submitted where it shows the completion of secondary education will be completed in Denmark. The school in the home country must send a document a stating that applicant will need a place to stay if the secondary education is to be continued in Denmark.

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