Student Visa Requirements For Study In Iceland

Time: NA
Fees: NA

Students will need to provide the following documents along with course of study. The course must be a full time course (lasting an academic year) and should have a minimum of 15 hours per week


•Letter of acceptance from a recognized school/college/university stating that you have been accepted for the  course of study

•Documents of student’s academic ability to pursue the chosen course through the English language (unless it is an English language course).

•Passport (travel document) with validity that extends beyond the completion of studies

•Documents certifying that the course fees has been paid in full

•Evidence that student have enough funds (€ 7,000) to maintain himself for the initial part of the stay.

•Documents certifying that student or a sponsor have access to at least € 7,000 for each subsequent year of the studies, in addition to the course fees for each of those years.

•Evidence that student have private medical insurance document

•Confirmation that student intend to return to his/her country of permanent residence when he/she leaves Ireland.

•Documents in case the student has any gaps in his educational career.

Upon submitting the application candidates are also required to submit a copy of their passport. Original passports would only be required for authentication. The embassy has the reserve right for asking any other authentication. Incomplete applications would not be accepted. Visa processing depends upon the nationality of the candidate. All regulations consular fees or services are subject to change without any prior notice.


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