Italian Pre-enrollment Program And Italian Student Visa


When an international student wants to study in an Italian University, a Pre-Enrollment Form should be filled and submitted at the Italian Embassy or Consulate.

Pre-Enrollment is a procedure which a student should take before acquiring the student visa.

Under this program, a student can apply to only one university and for one program.


Pre-enrollment in the first cycle or single degree program:

By basic knowledge, assessment is done in this program. Students should register for an entrance exam and appear in it on the scheduled date. According to the position acquired in the examination the candidate will be granted  a student visa.

After the examination, the student must fill in the application of pre-enrollment and submit it along with all the qualification certificates from the home country to  Italian Embassy with two passport size photographs.

Later the embassy will issue a legal and translated high school diploma certificate, a declaration of value for the qualification, legal and translated certificate of any post-secondary certificates, stamped passport photo and an Italian entry-visa.

Pre-enrollment in a second cycle Degree Program:

The second cycle degree program includes assessment of the curricular requirements and personal competencies and skills. The assessment methods may differ from program to program. A language test is done under this program which is applicable only for the Non-EU students who are living abroad.

This basic procedure is done at the embassy, exactly like the Pre-enrollment in the first cycle or single degree program is done

After the completion of the pre-enrollment procedure, a student from a non-EU country will be granted with an Italian Student Visa, which will allow the student to enter Italy and complete the selected study program and get back to his/her homeland.

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