Student Visa Requirements And Application

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If you are going to Sweden for the purpose of studying you will need a Swedish visa or residence permit.

We advise all students who have been accepted by a Swedish University to apply for your visas as early as possible. There is a congestion of student visa applications each year prior to the autumn semester. You should be aware of the fact that the visa decisions – which are taken by the Swedish Migration Authority in Sweden, not the Embassy – can take time.

Due to staffing restrictions during the months of July and August the Embassy has limitations on accepting interviews (for more details about restrictions during this period see special box on the Embassy’s Home Page).

Thus if you wish to arrive in time for the start of the Academic Year, please apply as early as you can for your student visa or residence permit.

On the right side of this page you can find:

  • The application form for students
  • The application form for co-applicants to students
  • A list of requirements for the different types of visa and residence permit applications

    You find application fees here.

Please visit for any further information on studying in Sweden.

Documents to be enclosed with application for residence permit for students
(Each application should be submitted with one original and one copy)

List of documents:
– 2 recent passport photographs
– 2 copies of the passport (validity minimum 6 months)
– Acceptance letter from the University in Sweden & copy
– 2 Copies of educational degrees; university/college/high school etc (attested by the Foreign Ministry)
– 1 Letter of confirmation from the sponsor of the studies & copy
– 2 copies of the Bank statements (the applicant should be able to show an amount of 7300 Swedish Kronor (approximately 3800 Dirham’s) a month for at least 10 months per year, for the entire study period, and a certificate from the bank showing the amount in US dollar, Euro, UK Pounds or Swedish kronor.
Example: if applicant intend to study                   12 months he must have SEK 87,600 (12 x SEK 7,300)

– Health Insurance  for students whose studies will not last more than 1 year.

All documents should be shown in original at the time of submitting the application at the Embassy.

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