What Is Transit Visa?


Transit visa applies to the international traveler who stops in the other country, before moving to the final destination. During the stop, if the traveler had enough time, he can plan for a tour to the city, to that part of a movement in the city, a transit visa is mandatory. If the travelers do not possess the transit visa, he would not be allowed to board the flight.

The Transit visas for Non-US Citizens

The US C-1 Transit visa

The foreign nationals landing in the United States for moving to other nations must require a C-1 transit visa. This is mandatory for all the foreign nationals, except to few nations which had a special agreement with the United States. The countries that had visa waiver agreement with the United States may not require having the C-1 visa.

The US C-2 Transit Visa

A foreign national who is an invitee and representative of any media, or any nongovernmental agency traveling to the New York city are required to have the C-2 visa.

 The US C-3 Transit Visa

Any member or foreign national on official business tour must apply for the C-3 transit visa. The official’s family members are also permitted to pass through the United States with this visa.


Every traveler who is going to pass through the United States must apply for the C visa, there are no dependents attached to the visa. Every family member must apply for the C visa separately.

  • The once permitted time cannot be extended at any instance. If the applicants want to stay for the time they must apply for the tourist visa.
  • The visa holders cannot change the non-immigrant status with the transit visa.
  • The transit visa holders cannot study, or work in the United States.
  • This is a single permit visa if you leave the United Status once, again for the re-entry you have to apply for the same transit visa.
  • With the transit visa, you cannot apply for the Green Card. There would not be any adjustment facility for the applicants.

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