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The applications for the resident permit are supposed to be submitted with the New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS). The applicant has to send a request to the NZIS asking them to send an application kit or the applicant can himself download the application kit from the immigration website of the NZ government. All migration-related issues, for example, visas, work visas, study visas and temporary visas are managed by the NZIS.

As per the IMMIGRATION ACT 1987, you should acquire resident status in case you wish to immigrate to the New Zealand. The resident status qualifies you to reside, impart education or take up employment in the country.

In case you request for the resident permit from within the New Zealand while on a temporary visa, & your application is granted then you will be given the Residence Permit. Also if you apply from any other country outside New Zealand, you’ll be granted the residence visa that will allow you to enter and stay in New Zealand.

How much do I need to pay?

As a norm, on approval of your application, you are required to submit the fee before the visa is issued.

Requirements for obtaining the residence status under the distinctive categories of residence.

The requirements to obtain a residence permit change often, as the segment is affected fundamentally by the approach set up by the Immigration Minister.


Presently you may apply for the residence permit under one of the below-mentioned classifications:

*The General Skills category works on the point basis. If in case your aggregate score is sufficiently high then you would be considered to be acceptable for the PR but that would solely depend on the decision of the New Zealand’s Immigration services. The factors on the basis of which you will be allotted points and considered by the immigration services while assessing are:New Zealand PR

  • Your education qualifications
  • Relevant work experience
  • Whether you have any candid job offer
  • Age at the time of submission of the application.
  • Is any family from New Zealand is going to support you or not.
  • Funds and other resources that will be bringing bring to the country.

* The Business category is for the individuals who would make a contribution to the fiscal growth in the country. It has numerous sub-classes namely “Investor” and “Entrepreneur”.

* The Family category is accessible to individuals who are in an authentic and steady relationship (legally married or in an inter-reliant partnership similar to marriage) with a New Zealand citizen or resident who sponsors their application, or who have immediate family members who are NZ citizens or residents and are living permanently in the country.

* The Family Quota category allows for a quota of people to be selected by the ballot every year to be considered for the NZ residence. You may be issued residence under this category only if you are supported by your adult child, adult grandchild, adult brother/sister or parent. You have to apply within 6 months of the Immigration Service advising your sponsor that your sponsor’s registration has been drawn from the Family Quota pool

* The Refugee Family Quota category is available for those who are not eligible for residence under any other group (except for the Family Quota). You have to be sponsored by a family member who themselves are issued the NZ residence on the basis of the refugee status and is currently permanently staying in the NZ. Also, the sponsor’s registration is drawn from the pool of individuals who had registered as the sponsors under the Refugee Family Quota Category.

* Also there are 3 distinct categories for Pacific Island:

  • The Samoan Quota Scheme
  • The Pacific Access Category
  • Pitcairn Islanders

Health Requirements

You and every accompanying family member have to undergo certain medical examinations to finish the Medical and X-ray Certificate Form provided by the NZIS. The medical examinations are mandatory and are required to ensure that you and family members are of an adequate standard of wellbeing. These medical certificates must not be over 90 days old at the time of the application for the residency.

Certificate To Certify That You Have A “GOOD CHARACTER”

In order to exhibit that you or any of your accompanying family member is of a good character, you need to provide the below-mentioned documents for each accompanying member of the age of 17 years or above.

> Certificates issued by the police of the nation of citizenship,

> Certificates issued by the police of all those nations where you have stayed for more than 12 months, in the past ten years.

Residency will be declined if:

>< You were ever involved in any criminal activity and sentenced for 5 years or more.

>< You had been involved in any criminal activity and sentenced for 12 months or more in past 10 years.

>< If you had been ever deported from NZ or any other nation.

>< There is a valid reason to believe that you may be connected with criminal groups

Minimum Language proficiency

You need to have at least basic English language prerequisite only if you file your application under Business class or General Skills or under the Samoan Quota Scheme or the Pacific Access Category.

Do I need to have the capacity to sustain myself in the country financially?

While deciding upon your application, the NZIS would ensure, that you have adequate funds to sustain yourself for a period of 2 years. In any scenario, if your case is 1 having some hardship, then the Government of NZ will provide you with specific benefits.

Can I Claim or appeal if in case I am declined resident status?

In a case of refusal of the status, you can file a petition for assessment. The Residence Review Board will conduct the review. You are supposed to submit the petition for review within 42 days from the date of the refusal.

Precautionary note

The migration Services are qualified to add complications on your Resident Permit. In case you want these conditions to be given a second thought then you ought to consult a legal advisor who is aware of the review procedure.

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