Documents required for L-1 Visa

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As per various researches conducted, 98% of visa applications are rejected due to insufficient or improper documents. It is always advisable to make a list of documents which are required to obtain the desired Visa.

Most applicants are unaware of the list of documents required for L1 Visa as it is generally taken care of by the employer.

The employers also at times prefer the candidate who has all the documents filed properly. To obtain L1 Visa an applicant needs to produce the following:


  • A valid passport (including the old passports)
  • Recent passport size photographs
  • Online submitted Form DS-160 with CEAC barcode
  • Receipt of visa fees paid in advance
  • Interview appointment letter
  • I-129 Petition receipt number
  • Original form I-797

If we talk about specific categories, then for L1 visa an applicant needs to have a copy of form I-797 and form I-129.

For L-1 Blanket Visa Category the individual needs to have:

  • Form I-129, original and two duplicate copies. Kindly ensure that form I-129S has been issued in past six months.
  • Three copies of I-797 and approval of Blanked classification attached to Form I-297.
  • Demand draft for visa fees.
  • Letter from the employer which has details stating that of the petitioner has been working in the firm since last one year, including the payment details and his professional capacity.
  • Work experience letters from previous employers and specialized skills possessed by the candidate.
  • Original education certificates.
  • If the petitioner has done his studies from the United States, he/she must provide evidence for the same.
  • Photocopies of the first and last page of the current and valid passport.
  • A letter supporting the employers’ intention to hire you.

First-time applicants must contain the below documents:

  • Phone numbers of the current and previous managers’ one worked under.
  • Photographs of the most recent employers and employment location
  • Contact information of current and past co-workers.
  • Resume and cover letter.
  • Personal bank details for last six months.
  • US company information- photographs of employment location.

P.S.: Always carry the entire above mentioned documents in original as well to the consulate office.

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