Tal: Summary Of ‘dual Use’ Technical Applications


TAL: Technology Alert List provides an outline for the potential applications which have a dual-use.

Critical Fields List of TAL identifies some fields and technologies which might have military applications as well.

TAL list is quite explanatory in a broad way and it includes every technology or skill involving chemistry, civil engineering, and urban design as well as architecture, immunology, and pharmacology.


  • Required information on TAL check:

In a TAL check, the individual will be inquired to provide thorough information about their background, future activity plan, explore interests, background, business ideas and tour plans. He/ she must provide the information on name, address, phone number and contact name of the employers or organizations where the individual needs to work for.  The individual will also be questioned regarding the intention of returning to a country which believes in sponsoring terrorism. The consul officer should be helped with the resume, recommendation letters and a list of publications so as to make the mentioned determination.

  • Educational course or Civic Domain:

Individual’s research or work must be presented to the consul officer stating how open it is for the public use and show the promise for the complete usage of the research in colleges and universities around the globe. This clearly means the visas for advanced studies like doctoral, postdoctoral and research scholar is much critically checked as compared to the undergraduate education and entry level- work experience.

  • Listed fields involving Study, Work, and research:

A visa mantis check is considered for the research scientists, engineers, academics and physicians in a wide variety. According to the directions given by the U.S. Department of State, the technology will not get a Mantis check if it falls within public Domain or if the information involved will be generally taught in a school/college/university course. One must fill the visa application with a clear demonstration of the areas which is on the ‘Critical Field List’ or mention that even thought the field is listed; the information is still available to the public.

  • Nations Which Support State of Terrorism:

Individuals getting sponsored from the countries which are under the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism will be engaging themselves through a scrutinized check which is mandatory for all the applicants who are enlisted from the countries which are under sponsored terrorized category. These countries are North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, and Libya.

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