What Is The Difference Between Federal Skilled Worker And Canadian Experience Class?


With the new Express Entry system in place, we can now compare and contrast this new system with the previous Federal Skilled Worker Class.

Prior to the release of the Express Entry system Citizenship and Immigration Canada provided multiple assurances that Express Entry would in no way change the Federal Skilled worker Class. The announcements reiterated that the Express Entry will be simply a faster electronic way to process these applications, and will not change the program requirements:

“Express Entry is not a new immigration program; it is a new way for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to manage economic immigration applications online.”

“Will Express Entry change immigration program requirements?

No. Express Entry will not change immigration program requirements. Express Entry is not a new program. It is a new way for CIC to manage the intake of economic immigration applications online.”

The chart below sets out in some detail the requirements pertaining to the two systems illustrating the significant differences between the two systems in Canada immigration laws.

  Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry
Categories Federal Skilled Worker in an Eligible occupation, no job offer necessary  PNP or LMIA approved job offer gives the applicant 600 points out of 1,200 points
Points Maximum total 100 points (see charts below) Maximum Total 1200 (see charts below for express entry with spouse/without a spouse)
English or French Skills 28 points 160 without a spouse
150 with a spouse
Education  25 points 150 without a spouse
140 with a spouse
Experience  15 points 80 points without a spouse
70 points with a spouse
Age  12 points 110 points without a spouse
100 points with a spouse
Spouse or Common Law Partner Factors  Not applicable Education: 10 points
Official Languages: 20 pointsCanadian Work Experience: 10 points
Arranged Employment in Canada  10 points  600 points
Adaptability  10 points  100 points
PNP  Not applicable  600 points
Minimum Points  67 points  Variable depending on draw
Certainty If an applicant has 67 points and is within the cap for that year, then he or she will be accepted No guarantee that will be issued an invitation to apply
Job Offer Not necessary, but provides person with 10 extra points Provides person with half of the available points
Will CIC Contact Me CIC will contact both positive and negative applicants CIC will contact only the applicants selected to be issued an invitation to apply
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