Canada – British Columbia State


British Columbia is renowned for its mountain ranges and the Pacific coastlines; sea to skylines, Vancouver with Whistler. It is a city which is known for its film industry. Victoria the capital of the province is situated on the southern tip of the Vancouver Island. British Columbia’s cultural diversity is wonderfully diverse. There are more than 40 aboriginal cultural groups present in the country. A large number of Asian communities have also made their way in the country. Punjabi and Chinese have widely spoken language in the country after English. They are also sizeable Italian, Germans and Russian Communities.

The state also has a separate block the travelers known as the Visitors Centres. They can be identified by the blue and yellow logos they have and provide the visitors with a range of services like professional counseling for the visitors. They also provide information regarding travel, stay reservations and literature. From native culture to native heritage British Columbia is contemporary stir of local events and festivals. It offers a year-round parade of arts, live entertainment, and history.

Visa Requirements

The British Columbia is famous for its PNP which stands for Provincial Nominee Program. Through this program, the immigrants with desired skills receive a certificate of British Provincial Nomination which allows the foreign nationals to apply for a permanent resident permit in Canada. The processing time is faster than the Canada immigration process.

The British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program works majorly under two main immigration schemes: Skills Immigration and Entrepreneur Immigration

These streams are further divided into various categories of Skill Immigration

Skilled worker category ,International worker category, Healthcare category, Entry level and semi-skilled worker Category, International post graduate category ,Entrepreneur  Immigration, Entrepreneur category, Strategic project category.

What are you guys waiting for there are a whole lot of opportunities waiting for you on the other side of the land.

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