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Work permits that are issued to foreign professionals who are skilled are issued under the country’s scheme for Employment for Professionals. There is no restriction tag on the number of these permits and visas issued to people the basis of the assessment of his/her specific skills or qualifications that are not found with the local citizens of Hong Kong. Thus, for applicants who are versed with a certain skill that is in shortage in the country, obtaining the work visa will be quite easy.


Applying for a work permit requires the following:

  1. Proof of no criminal record
  2. Job offer
  3. Brilliant academic background with a significant degree, exceptional technical qualifications, remarkable achievements and experience in the field concerned.
  4. Research has to be made to recognize the employment vacancies at a possible Hong Kong company.
  5. Adequate evidence affirming that the worker will make positive contribution to improving the economy of Hong Kong
  6. The company or firm must prove with adequate evidence that the job being filled by the foreigner is due to the unavailability of the skills required in Hong Kong.
  7. Salary should not surpass the standard amount set by the local professionals but must be at least 20,000 Hong Kong Dollars.


Any document written in other languages except Chinese or English should have licensed translation certificates accompanying it.

  • Job offer letter
  • Passport not less than 6 months old
  • About 3 or 2 recent photographs
  • A copy of the complete Job Visa application
  • Health and Travel document
  • Certificates, mark-sheet, and any other important, relevant documents
  • Aррlісаtіоn form fоr the еmрlоуmеnt оf fоrеіgn professionals іn Hong Kоng.
  • Phоtосору оf thе employment соntrасt thаt lists аll thе dеtаіlѕ аbоut thе еmрlоуее’ѕ роѕt, salary, bеnеfіtѕ and employment durаtіоn.
  • Phоtосору оf the соmраnу’ѕ rеgіѕtrаtіоn with the Hоng Kоng gоvеrnmеnt.
  • Financial іnfоrmаtіоn аbоut thе соmраnу.
  • Documents rеlеvаnt tо thе соmраnу’ѕ wоrk background (nоt аррlісаblе іf the еmрlоуее іѕ bеіng sponsored bу thе company).


  1. Immediately all relevant and required documents are ready the full application package should be filed to Hong Kong Immigration Department.
  2. When the visa is endorsed, it should be collected directly, and not by proxy, from the local Hong Kong consulate.
  3. This visa is usually valid for 12 months and can constantly be renewed for as long as the holder of the visa works for the firm or company.
  4. In a case where the employer switches to another job, the present work visa will become non-transferrable, the employer has to obtain approval from the Immigration Department to file for another one.
  5. Where the employee has worked and resided in Hong Kong for 7 years, he/she eligible to apply to get a permanent residence.
  6. If any family member accompanies the employee, a dependent visa must be obtained for each of them.
  7. There is no limit to the number of the work visas issued because it chiefly depends on the employee’s talents and qualifications. From January to March 2013, about 6000 visas were issued under the Employment for Professional Scheme. Applicants are advised to make their applications early enough to ensure that they have a smooth visa journey since processing the visa can sometimes take about 4-8 weeks, sometimes it takes a longer period before they are approved.
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