Tier 5 (temporary Worker – International Agreement) Visa

United Kingdom
Work Visas
Time: NA
Fees: NA

International Agreement

The international agreement category is for people coming to the UK under contract to do work that is covered under international law. In order to apply under this category you must have a valid Tier 5 certificate of sponsorship from a licensed Tier 5 sponsor organisation. Work covered by this visa includes:

  • the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS);
  • similar agreements between the UK and another country;
  • employees of overseas governments and international organisations; and
  • private servants in diplomatic households.

Length of stay

Usually until one month after the period of work stated on your certificate of sponsorship, and up to 2 years with extensions.

You may be able to stay for longer if you are applying as an employee of an overseas government or international organisation or as a private servant in a diplomatic household.


Tier 5 International agreement visa applicants must have funds of at least £945, unless their Tier 5 sponsor can guarantee their maintenance with the UK Home Office. Only ‘A rated’ sponsors have this option.


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