H1b Visa Filing Fee Summary- Fy 2017


As per the USCIS, the ‘H1B Visa 2017 petitions will be accepted from April 1st of next year. In case you are wondering what the fee structure would be like, then read on.

Changes in the Filing Fee for the H1B Visa 2017:

There are a few alterations to the filing fee of the H1B visa for the year of 2017. The petition fee has increased by USD $4000, for certain employers who fall in to the below given category:

The corporations which have an employee count of 50 or more, with 50% of them being non-immigrant workers, need to pay an additional fee of USD $4000. The fee amplification is valid for fresh petitions and relocations, but do not apply to petitions for extension with the same (current) employer. This fee is an addition to the customary valid fee for H1B.

Given below… is a breakdown for the fee structure of H1B fees:

[table id=20 /]

According to the given summary, H1B filing fee depends on the size of the company and it may come between $1,600  to $7,400  + Attorney fee (if there is any).

How much one should pay, who should pay and for what while filing H1B fee?

H1B visa filing fee must be paid by the employer. The Employee is not the part of any payment for the H1B petition. Here is a breakdown of the expense:

[table id=21 /]

To avoid confusion and to guard the employee’s best interests, DOL (Department of Labor) has a tool which will help one verify.


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