O-1 Visa To The U.s. – All You Need To Know


O-1 visa is one of the short-term work visas for the US which is obtainable by people who are offered jobs on the basis of their outstanding feats in the field of science, arts, athletics, education or business.

The basic requirement to acquire an O visa is to first get a job offer from the US. There is no annual limit on the number of people who receive O visas.

Features of O-1 visa:

  • An O-visa holder can work legally in the USA for the Sponsor of that visa. A new visa is required if the employee wants to change the job.
  • Issuing of O visas is fairly quick.
  • O visas are issued for a maximum of three years with unlimited extensions in one- year increments.
  • The O visa holder, along with his/her family, can travel in and out of the US or stay indefinitely for as long as the visa is valid.
  • Spouse, and children who are not married and are under 21 years could accompany the O visa holder, but might not be able to work in the US.

O-1 Visa Criteria:

  • Available for people who have a job offer in hand and proven extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, athletics, education or business.
  • Applicant must have national or international acclaim in a particular field or should have worked in motion pictures or should have appeared on television. A demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement is required.
  • The applicant can avail it only on the basis of individual qualification. It does not consider group work or take team participation into account.
  • The applicant must have a history of performances in his/her area of expertise


Expertise in Science, Education, Business or Athletics:

To get an O visa, the applicant should possess or have accomplished at least three of the following criteria:

  • A nationally recognized prize or award
  • Membership in an association which requires outstanding achievement in a particular field
  • A published article or major media propaganda regarding the individual’s work
  • Contributor to an important panel or an individual reviewer for other fields of work
  • A major contribution to the required specialized field
  • A history of work with a reputed organization
  • Commanded a high salary or other outstanding payment or remuneration

For applicants showcasing extraordinary ability in Arts:

The applicant will need to be phenomenal to apply for an O visa in this category. Applicant should have a prodigious prize or award in this discipline such as an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy or Director’s Guild Award. A minimum of three categories should be accomplished in the criteria given below:

  • Applicant has and will perform as a lead or a starring participant in any event which has an outstanding reputation
  • The achievement must be published in a reputed magazine, journal or other major newspaper
  • Applicant must have a commercial hit, box office- receipts and reputed achievements
  • Applicant must have received testimonials from reputed magazines or any popular publications
  • Applicant must have commanded a high salary or substantial remuneration.

What’s After the Interest in O-1 Visa?

Applicant must ask the immigration attorney for a full analysis of the mentioned criteria and for help with the application process.

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