Quebec Immigration – Skilled Worker Program

The Quebec immigration selection system for Quebec Skilled Workers is designed to indicate which applicants are likely to become economically established upon immigration to Quebec.

Skilled Worker (Professional) applicants who intend to reside in Montreal or in anot...
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Gaining permanent residence permit in Poland

A реrmаnеnt rеѕіdеnсе саrd іѕ аn established wау to lеgаlіzе уоur s...

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How can Indian dentist get license to work in Australia?


Dentists work in general practice or specialise in one of the following principal fields: Orthodontics, Periodontics, Paediatric (children’s) dentistry, Prosthodontics, Endodontics and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Public Health Dentistry, and Radiology. Sug...
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Quebec Business Immigration – Investor

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program allows investors to obtain Canadian permanent residence by investing CAD$800,000 risk-free through an approved financial intermediary or by financing that investment.

Note: The maximum number of applications ...
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Singapore PR – Benefits and Drawbacks

As a permanent resident (PR) of Singapore, you and your family are free to live, work and buy property in the country and be a part of Singapore society. You are eligible for a range of perks such as the freedom to travel in and out of the country and priority entry to Singapore’s public education...
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Did you ever think migrating abroad and settle abroad are the same?

Do you think migrating abroad and settle abroad are the same? Then you are wrong!! Migration is the international movement of people into a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not possess citizenship in order to settle or reside there, especially as permanent resi...
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Overview of Singapore PR Schemes

Thousands of people have become Singapore permanent residents every year but not all go through the same application process. Permanent Residence (PR) application can be applied for the whole family i.e. the applicant himself plus the spouse and unmarried children under 21. The lure of gaining Sing...
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A guide to Spanish citizenship and permanent residence

Find out when you can apply for Spanish citizenship or permanent residency, and what conditions and paperwork you need to qualify. If you want to live in Spain long term or even permanently, you will need to apply for either permanent residence or become a Spanish citizen. After you have lived ...
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