Jobs and Permits – Welcome Email


Welcome to Jobsandpermits, We are happy to extend a gratuitous “Resume Optimising Services” to you.

Please Note that we have extended this gratuitous Service through our Immigration Partner’s Company.
Make Note of the Do’s and Don’ts below.

Don’ts ( Assumptions )
x We are not a Job Consultancy
x We cannot and will not and should not Guarantee a JOB, as its Either your or God’s Will 🙂
x We cannot Guarantee Any Interviews; it is your skill with a Little bit of our will that gets you an Interview Call
x We do not encourage job consultant tie-ups, and even if we did, we do not want applicants to assume that this tie up/s will get them the job or interview call. Tie Ups only help to reach the HR faster but not in getting a certain profile to crack the job.

So, what the hell in heaven we do?
✓ We help you build a Visually Impressive Resume
✓ We will help you build an ATS complaint Resume
✓ Tailor made Coverletter by our experts
✓ A LinkedIn Profile that will make you stand out
✓ We have millions of B2B employers list who are categorized into, Countries, States/Provinces geographically and Companies by Skills and Industry. We send your resumes to the qualified organizations directly with a single click of a button.

You are eligible for the free service for “package name”, if post that you are interested in availing any other service, you will have to pay.