Uk Family Visas

Tier 4 Student Visa Overview The Tier 4 visa application process is points based, and requires various supporting documents as well as confirmation of acceptance for studies at a UK school, college, or university. The education institution in question must be on the UK's list....
United Kingdom
Spouse and Dependent, Student
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Carer Visas

Carer visa (subclass 836) Features This visa is for someone in Australia who needs one of the following: to care for a relative in Australia with a long-term or permanent medical condition to assist a relative providing this care to a member of their family un....
Spouse and Dependent
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Obtaining Citizenship By Birth

Israel being a liberal democratic nation is not an immigration country; henceforth, Israel does not have laws and regulations that permit foreign-born to come and reside in the country.Israel being the only Jewish majority country, is the most sought out destination where Jews wa....
Spouse and Dependent
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F2a Visas: Spouses And/ Or Children

Legal Permanent Residents may apply for F2A immigrant visas on behalf of their foreign national spouses and/or children by filing a Form I-130Immigrant Petition with USCIS.  While unmarried children under the age of 21 may qualify for derivative immigration benefits on the same ....
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