F2A Visas: Spouses and/ or Children

Legal Permanent Residents may apply for F2A immigrant visas on behalf of their foreign national spouses and/or children by filing a Form I-130Immigrant Petition with USCIS.  While unmarried child...

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US Family Based Green Card

Family-based US immigration is a common form of getting legal US permanent residency, that is usually called as Green Card.  Members of the family in the US and legal permanent residents might get lawful PR in the US. Filing for PR also let one get a job  authorizat...

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US F-2 Visa for Child and Spouse

The legal partner and unmarried kids below 21 years of age of F-1 student are qualified for the status of  F-2  and might reside in  the US as long as the primary student stays in the lawful status of F-1.

How to apply f...

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